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Can your markers be found with a metal detector?
  Yes.  The fact that the markers are made utilizing a 3/8" galvanized steel spike allows detectors to pick up  
  the metal. 
Can I get longer or shorter spike lengths?
  Yes.  Although our standard is 8" in length, we have used from 4" to 18".  We can also utilize various rods to
   make an assortment of shapes and sizes.  Call for assistance if you have a special need.
Do you manufacture larger signs? 
  Not at this time.  We can recommend suppliers.  
What is the average lead time for marker manufacturing?
  Several factors determine this answer; 1)time of year, 2) current back log of orders, 3) location of orders 
  and 4) available inventory.  Generally, orders ship within (2) weeks.  We can always quote you the lead time
  upon placing your order or request for quotation.
What do you charge for a sample of your markers?
  $0 Samples can be sent upon request. We are confident that once you see our markers and the quality you  
  will place orders with us.  
Do you have a separate charge for reviewing or assisting with site maps? 
  No.  As part of our normal operations we will do everything possible to assist you with the most efficient
  and productive layout of your site.  We can quote various marking options.  
Do you have a "Minimum" quantity order?
  No. We sell individual markers in a quantity of (1) or (100,000). The choice is yours.
Do you offer discounts?
  Like most manufacturing companies, we try to offer "specials" and/or discounts to attract new customers and 
  reward existing customers.  We will work with you when ever possible to give you the highest quality marker
  at the best price available.  Call for large quantity price breaks. 
Can I get colored markers?
  Yes.  We can color any marker any color.  We color and then polycoat (clear protective finish) the aluminum
  portion of the marker.  We do charge extra for this process.  
Do you charge extra for letters or numbers?
  No.  Our markers are priced with the letters, characters, symbols etc already included.  We even offer 
  roman numerals at no extra charge. 
What about shipping charges and sales tax?
  We only charge you what the shipper (FedEx, UPS, US Mail) charges us.  No additional handling fees.
  In addition, we are proud to report that in the state of New Hampshire we have NO sales tax.  
Will my boxes be labeled?
  Yes.  After hand inspecting each marker, we then package them. Every box is labeled with the content. This
  will make installation very organized.  
How do I place an order?
  We make the process easy! You can call us at (603) 632-5780, Fax us at (603) 632 5744; use this order form
  button                     ; Email us at; or send us an order via US Mail to
  Joseph DeFontes Co, 498 West Farms Road, Canaan NH  03741. Once your order is received it will be placed
  into our manufacturing schedule, made and shipped.  You will receive an invoice shortly thereafter. 
If you have any other questions or comments please send them to us.
Frequently Asked Questions:

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